Add your area

If you want maps and KML/GeoJSON files generated for your local area, get in touch.

OpenEcoMaps can produce tailored maps for any region of the world, presenting any data (though my resources are limited so I'll only add features that are to do with ecology and ecological lifestyles). If you're familiar with OpenStreetMap it helps to think about the kind of tags you want to show up, but if you're not I can work it out for you.

The only limitation is that you can't change the way features are already presented. So if you want wind turbines to have a different icon and not show the power rating, that's tough. You could always produce your own tool to make that map if you want!

Why OpenEcoMaps?

To get an idea of what OpenEcoMaps is all about, and why you might want to use it, watch this presentation I prepared for Crystal Palace Transition Town: